Thunderspire Labyrinth

Prelude to Thunderspire

The party left Winterhaven, at the behest of Padraig, hoping to meet up with the two men who had been tracking the slave traders in the town of Fallcrest. The trip there was uneventful, until someone noticed a sign and a path leading up to “Kobold Hall”
Hadarai and Andraste both had heard of the hall, and knew there was supposedly some unknown arcane force driving the kobold tribe in the area to band together and organize into more efficient units. The group decided to camp the night near the road and wait until morning to try their luck in the hall.

The hall itself was nothing more than a tower, but a storm cellar door led the team into the depths beneath the hall, and into the lair of the Kobold clan, the Skull Kickers.
Kelvan tried to reason with the kobolds in the first room, but that and his oddly alluring mannerisms did naught but alert the kobolds and cause them to charge madly into the fray. The team fought hard, a little too hard, but emerged victorious, using the tactic of dropping kobolds into a pit of slime to their advantage.
The next area seemed to be a tomb with an oddly magically lit floor, but it soon proved to be an ice floor trap that the kobolds seemed skilled in avoiding. Once again the party prevailed, and Kelvan’s use of his rogue skills to bait a kobold into an ice trap, killing it, proved to be the highlight of the battle.
At this point, the team was tired and needed serious rest, so they headed back upstairs to rest in the relative safety of the outdoors.
Heading back into the dungeon, the group found themselves in what could only be described as a kobold playground. The skull-skull rock proved to be a formidable opponent, too bad the kobolds themselves and their pets did not.
The northern hallway led them to the lair of the Kobold chief, a Priest with a trick up his sleeve. A giant rolling boulder proved to be more trouble for the Kobolds than it did the party. The kobolds were quickly corned, their chief slain, and the remaining jumped on from platforms until they could prone no longer.
And that should have been the end of Kobold Hall… but there is one more hallway, one more door unchecked…

The Story So Far

Shadowfell Keep – What went wrong in the dark?


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